How to avoid injuries

How to Avoid Injuries

  1. Variation:
    • weightlifting: vary the bench, squat and deadlift, shoulder press, floor press for bench or dumbbell floor press, trap bar for deadlifts instead of sumo or conventional, safety bar squat or belt squat instead of straight bar squat land mind press instead of shoulder press
    • Strength train 3 days a week the other two days could be bands/sleds/body weight exercises
    • Once every two to 3 weeks high rep training with a barbell 10-20 reps to take stress of going like 5×5 or 5,3,1
  2. Warm up and warm down: High repetition warm ups for the upper and lower body. Doing a dynamic movement rather than static stretching
  3. Back health: implement the cat camel and bird dog exercises and a 10 min walk every day
  4. Train smarter, not longer: Not all workouts need to be an hour or hour and a half, they can be 25 to 30 minutes if you are sluggish, perform a circuit 5 exercises x 5 rounds. The quality of the movement is more important than repeating exercises over and over and taking long rest periods
  5. Massage or a chiropractor 5 times a year to help align the body and to help joint flow
  6. Diet: What are you eating? Are you loading your body with foods that cause inflammation and tons of bad carbs?
  7. Sleep: Try to get 7-9 hours a night and a 15 to 20 min nap if possible!
  8. Stay mobile when not at gym: it is difficult for a body to go from sitting (work, watching tv, video games, driving) right into working out. If you sit a lot during the day take breaks to stretch or walk around

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