How quickly can I see results?

If you follow the program given to you by your trainer you can see improvements in strength and energy levels, confidence, reduction in joint aches and pains and greater training knowledge in the first week.

Is this facility for every one?

No! This is an elite and state of the art training facility for the person who is committed and serious about transforming their body for sports performance or personal fitness goals.

Is it appropriate for young athletes to strength train?

The American Pediatric Association says “ Athletes competing in organized team sports should begin organized resistance training regimes as early as they become competitive in team sports, as young as 7 years of age.”

What specialized equipment are you talking about?

Reverse hyper machine provides traction and strengthens the spine at the same time.

Athletic training platform or the belt squat machine takes the load off the spine while squatting and helps the user build tremendous lower body power without stressing the back.

The inverse curl machine is the #1 hamstring developer in the world.

Jump stretch bands and lifting chains are used for accommodating resistance which helps the user with increased speed and power output.

70 feet of Indoor turf for speed and agility training.

Can I practice powerlifting at this facility?

Absolutely! The equipment and layout of the OPC is designed with powerlifting in mind.

How can I get started?

Click this link to view schedules, sign up and book classes!

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